Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yellow or Pink birds?

We got in both yellow and pink birds today. The pink ones are my personal favorite cause I don't have to water and feed them. But the yellow ones are dang cute....(see pic above)! We sell thousands of Urban and Rural chickens here at Farmhand each spring. Today we got in Cuckoo Marans that lay a dark mahogany egg and by Friday we will have 10 -12 different breeds in. We always seem to have one or two that are weak and we try and nurse them back to health. Tonight we lost little Lolita but she was warm and safe and basically shared our families Corned Beef dinner from her little nest box... Come see the real chicks and the wonderful Pink Flamingo metal birds too! We can help you get started raising your own chickens and wonderful fresh eggs. Two or three chickens are not a lot of work yet can provide your family with some of the best eggs you have ever eaten. And they are a lot of fun and entertainment too!

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