Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Go organic!

They say you can see anything on the web and I guess this post proves it. Here's a picture of our new Green Earth Farm Organic Fertilizer made by our friends Dale and Emily. I go visit Dale's farm and marvel at the size of everything she grows. Emily does creative hanging baskets and uses their fertilizer also. So we asked them to mix up some fertilizer for us to sell. It has cottonseed meal, kelp meal, dolomite and lime, rock phosphate and fish meal. It sell for $1.50 a pound and it makes things grow! So come get some for your garden and flowers. Then Dale also recommended Fish & Poop liquid for watering with once in awhile. It is in stock too. Be very glad you can't smell everything on the web (I imagine that will be next!).
Dale and Emily also grow our 50 types of Heirloom tomatoes that will be here soon. It won't feel like summer if you don't grow tomatoes. We will be holding a free class on Saturday, May 8 from 1:00 to 4:00 on growing an organic garden and tomatoes. So mark your calender now and come sit on a hay bale to learn some organic gardening skills. We'll have lots of door prizes and tasty tomato snacks too. So after a long winter ...... let's garden!!!

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