Friday, February 26, 2010

Butterflies and Laundry Lines

We got in a new shipment of fun rusty metal stuff! Among the goodies are cute wall pockets that we painted with chalkboard paint and stuffed them with pussy willows for a fun greeting on a door or wall . Also, cute two dollar little star picks you can put in plants, vases, or whatever else tickles your fancy! Some cool, old finds: a large copper bowl with handles, real butterflies in frames from Peru and other tropics, a fun laundry line, and a very different glass jar with spout.

Third Chick Order

Here's what's coming on our third chick order due in April 15:

50 Ameraucana Pullets
25 White Crested Black Polish Straight Run
75 Cornish Rock Straight Run (Meat Birds)
25 Cuckoo Maran Pullets
25 Buff Orpington Pullets
25 Gold Wyandotte Pullets
25 Salmon Faverolle Pullets
25 Bantam Assortment
25 Production Red Pullets
10 Rouen Ducks Straight Run
10 Khaki Campbell Ducks Straight Run
10 Black and White Magpies Straight Run
10 Fawn and White Runners Straight Run

Monday, February 22, 2010

Reuse and repurpose

Know what makes our job fun here at Farmhand - being able to shop local and find items that we can repurpose. So we offer you a c.1950 Rose Trophy brimming with baby tears and two wonderful paint by number paintings that are the best I have ever seen. Think how warm they will look on your wall! A potted hyacinth with pussy willow topiary... how very spring!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Light Garden

If you haven't seen our Light Garden lights... you had better come check them out, they are going fast! Pussy willows, plum flowers, orchids, and calla lillies are just a few of our "lights" available. As if deciding on one type of flower isn't enough, they come in many different colors too! You get to pick whether you would like your lights to plug in, or powered by three AA batteries. Come see what all the fuss is about!

Above is a display including a beautiful Wedgewood dish set in black and white! Very eyecatching! The set includes four dinner plates, three salad plates, a platter, a covered serving dish, three small dishes, and three cup and saucer sets, all for sixty-five dollars.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Potatoes are here

We now have our annual potatoes and onion sets in stock! Here are our 2010 potatoes:

Russet Burbank- brown skin white flesh, all time favorite!
Yukon Gold- (80 days) yellow skin yellow flesh, another all time favorite!
Red Pontiac- (100 days) red skin white flesh
Purple Viking- (70 days) purple skin white flesh
Milva- (95 days) longer seasoned, yellow skin yellow flesh
Dark Red Norland- (75 days) early red, red skin white flesh

All of our potatoes are .65 cents per pound. The onion sets (white, red, and yellow) are $2.00 per pound. We also just got a large plant order with different pansies, violas, daffodils, herbs, vegetables, and hyacinth! Come down and see what's new!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring Garden Goodness!

We just completed our tribute to spring gardens in one of our storefront windows with an antique set of outdoor metal chairs, table, and long bench! Peony blooms in glass vases, pussy willows, robins' eggs, moss, and bunnies oh my!
Anything that you see in our blog posts that you just can't live without, feel free to call us at the store and we can ship it to you! We don't have a way of shipping larger pieces, like furniture, but anything else we can fit in a box can be yours! Call us!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crystal clean windows!

So you are standing at your kitchen sink looking out the window into your little piece of backyard heaven (or wet, soggy mess in the Pacific Northwest) and the sun comes out! What is all over the windows? Where did it come from and how will you ever get it off without all the streaks and smears? I know how...a product we sell called Orvus. It is the most amazing window washing product you will ever use. It is a commercial carpet cleaner but it works very well on glass.
So come on down and buy a jar of it for only $3.50, and end the streaks forever.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Crafty Girls!

Check out some of our new flea market finds we have converted into works of art! Our clock face we attached to a large basket with a satin black ribbon... we made custom corks for a collection of old bottles... and added a little chalk board paint to some old galvenized buckets for cheery messages!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fresh Flowers

Spring is here! We have a large assortment of primroses in every color, some even smell good! Joining the cheery group are narcissus, muscari, hellebore, oxalis, french container strawberry, and cyclamen.

New Stuff!

Today we put up a mushroom/fern display including beautiful fern printed buckets, canvases with different mushrooms and ferns, boxwood topiaries and decorative boxwood orbs. We also recieved new Haitian oil drum art. The purchase of any of this art goes to help Haiti rebuild and reconnect. A very good cause!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

April 1 Chick Order

Here's what's coming on our April 1 chick order:

25 Speckled Sussex Pullets
25 Black Sex Link Pullets
25 Rhode Island Red Pullets
25 Ameraucana Pullets
25 Black Australorp Pullets
25 Buff Orpington Pullets
25 Cuckoo Maran Pullets
25 Welsummer Pullets
25 Partridge Cochin Pullets
25 Barred Rock Pullets
25 Production Red Pullets
25 Silkies Assorted Straight Run
10 Mille Fleur D'Uccle Bantam Straight Run

To see pictures of these visit Ideal Poultry's website

March 18 Chick Order

Here's what's coming on our March 18 chick order:

50 Barred Rock Pullets
25 Buff Orpington Pullets
25 Silver Wyandottes Pullets
25 Rhode Island Red Pullets
50 Ameraucana Pullets
50 Cuckoo Maran Pullets
25 Dark Brahma Full Size Pullets
25 Silkies Assorted Colors Straight Run
25 Red Sex Links Pullets
25 Bantam Special

To see pictures of these visit Ideal Poultry's website

Monday, February 8, 2010

New order of soap has arrived!

Our new order of European soap has arrived! You absolutely have to come smell the "lime zest" bar soap, it smells so good we want to eat it! As well as delicious smells, they have a new gardener's line of soaps designed for those people who love to play in the dirt. We also got in a new order of Light Garden lights... plug in calla lillies, pussy willows, and chartreuse green plum flower lights. Come down and check out all the new goodies!


Well, due to the large amount of people who have been pushing us to go to the web... here we are! We wanted to create this blog so that our friends and followers can keep track of the weekly happenings at Farmhand and check out all of the new and exciting merchandise that seems to trickle in every day. We hope that you enjoy this blog and we're excited to start showing you what we are made of!!