Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So, we will be adding a few new posts after this filling you in on sale prices and etc, but I wanted you to all know how to get to our new blog for our new name, Repent. We have a booth space in Monticello Antique Mall on Stark Street in Portland. If you can make it to Monticello, you must go. It is by far our favorite place to shop, whenever we bring new loads up and finish our displays, we never get out of there without buying something! So head over to Repent, and see what you are all missing!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good News and Bad News!

So are you the type of person who likes the good news first or last?  I'm sure it says something about your personality but that is another post. So the BAD news is after twelve years of unlocking that sticky front door lock - I am closing Farmhand Feed & Home so that I may retire.  The GOOD news is we have started sales to clear the shelves. It is a bittersweet decision as we have made so many friends (two legged and 4 legged). We will miss you but I need to slow down (Ha-Ha).  And I need to go catch some salmon with my retired husband.  So watch the papers for the discounts and sale prices.  Each week the discounts get larger. We will be here until  Christmas. We will do more posts as we progress.  We will be closed on Saturday, Nov 24 so that we can go do one of our Christmas displays at Monticello in Portland.  That show opens Nov 30 at 8:00 am and should not be missed.  We will post pictures of both of our displays to tempt you to a fun day of shopping in Portland.  There will be no pictures with this post cause I would have puffy red eyes....  Mary

Monday, November 12, 2012

Goodbye Noel

It is with a heavy heart that I had to put down our 18 year old friend today.  Old age is not something even the best vet can cure.  Thank you to Cottage Grove Veterinary Clinic and Dr Kenna for the best care and such kindness to this noble cat. You made the whole procedure peaceful and gentle.  Noel loved to sleep on our counter and enjoyed all the attention he received.  I think I can safely say that more people knew his name than mine.  He was a Christmas gift to Sara 18 years ago and his gentle spirit encircled our whole family.  He was our farm cat and then feedstore cat.  We will remember him always. Run the fields, sweet cat, you deserve your freedom.....

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


From a whole set of plum transferware dishes to a plum Victorian ladies couch to the most beautiful Venetian mirror (C.1900), our new Thanksgiving dispaly came together nicely. We love doing displays at Monticello. You have got to go visit and see for yourself.  Some rainy day head on up to Portland and Monticello - you will be glad you did. Next we will do two displays for their Christmas Open House that starts November 30 at 8:00 am.  Don't miss that one!  Soon we will give you sneek peeks at what we have been planning and hoarding for. Now enjoy some time planning a tasty Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends.  Remember to invite one or two people who might not have family nearby.  Be thankful.... we are so blessed!