Saturday, March 31, 2012

Third Chick Order

On Friday, April 20th, our third chick order should arrive:

25 Gold Sex Link Pullets
25 Production Red Pullets
25 Rhode Island Red Pullets
25 Black Australorp Pullets
50 Ameraucana Pullets
25 Bantam Special St. Run

Second Chick Order

On Friday, April 6, our second chick order should arrive:

25 Production Red Pullets
25 Buckeye Pullets
25 Barred Rock Pullets
25 Gold Sex Link Pullets
25 Standard Silver Laced Cochin Pullets
25 Sicilian Buttercup Pullets
25 Cuckoo Maran Pullets
25 Welsummer Pullets

zinc letters

Start those creative juices flowing! We just got in these fun new zinc letters in all the letters of the alphabet plus numbers so you can spell things out wherever a little creativity is needed! Enjoy!

Hellebore Fever!

Hellebores are often passed over in our greenhouse unless they have blooms on them. When people see the blooms off this lovely shrub-like perenial are amazed and floored at the variety of shapes and colors. We have a very interesting yellow hellebore in right now (sorry I don't have a picture right now), and I haven't seen a hellebore like this ever! Keep checking in as we get whites, purples, greens, and more hellebores as the weather gets better!

A Peek into Mary's Chicken Coop

The problem with owning a feed store is that every little maimed animal goes home with me to get nurtured and kept warm until they get better or pass on. So last year a little chick with a deformed foot went home and never left cause she got stronger and I got attached to her plucky self. I even taught my terrier to stop trying to eat her!! She had found her home and her name - Dori (she is a Silver Grey Dorking). Then I had to bring home another chick to keep her company - a Salmon Faverolle - named Hunki. Sadly Hunki has passed on thanks to an American Bald Eagle whom flew into my backyard and killed her. In town - an eagle!! He was lucky that you still can't shoot an eagle... For a year the two chickens had been living in my greenhouse but I finally convinced the husband, Bob and Ben, my daughters husband to build me an actual coop. So armed with a sketch and some recycled building materials here is the result. Didn't they do a great job. I will do some planting as soon as spring arrives - blue morning glories up the porch pillars seems right. As for the chandelier - why not! There are now two Blue Wyandottes and two silkies growing up in the greenhouse so that Dori has friends to share her Coop DeVille with. Everybody is happy. Thank you Ben and Bob....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Soft spring cardigans

Layer your outfits for Spring and outsmart the cool breezes. We just got in these so soft shawl collar cardigan wraps in grey, mocha and black. The perfect light wrap and so flattering on.... $34.00 each

April is a promise...

April is a promise that May is sure to keep! That is how I feel about Spring in Oregon - March is a tough month. This spring is no different. From 4" of snow one day to rain and windy and cold the next. But hold on cause April is almost here. Hence my window display of lovely Charlotte lavender English transferware plates and the lovely green place mats to welcome Spring. We have a whole service for 8 of it in right now. The new line of 100% cotton mother and daughter nightgowns with tiny touches of lace and smocking are sure to make you feel lovely and light. So come on Spring.... we are ready.

The next new item we are having fun with is the metal filigreed curtain crown. It is meant to go above a bed to drape fabric down on both sides. I have attached it to a door with the lace and love the look. We also have a curtain crown with green leaves for a more garden themed room.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chicks are Here!

We got in part of our March 16th order today, 25 Delawares and 25 Cuckoo Maran chicks showed up at the store early today. We are busy keeping them warm and fed, so come on down and get these different breeds before we sell out!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Felt Spring

Some fun new Easter/Spring felted bunnies, birds, and eggs! Easter's coming! Enjoy the sunshine today!!!

New Stuff

We got in some great French storage baskets, as well as Argan oil, Mary's personal favorite. Sara brought in another crow painting on an old flaky sign that still has some original letters.


We got in the loveliest lighted chandelier with amber drops, we hung it right above the register so we could enjoy it's soft light! Also, some of the very popular tea light chandeliers in a variety of shapes and colors!