Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Peek into Mary's Chicken Coop

The problem with owning a feed store is that every little maimed animal goes home with me to get nurtured and kept warm until they get better or pass on. So last year a little chick with a deformed foot went home and never left cause she got stronger and I got attached to her plucky self. I even taught my terrier to stop trying to eat her!! She had found her home and her name - Dori (she is a Silver Grey Dorking). Then I had to bring home another chick to keep her company - a Salmon Faverolle - named Hunki. Sadly Hunki has passed on thanks to an American Bald Eagle whom flew into my backyard and killed her. In town - an eagle!! He was lucky that you still can't shoot an eagle... For a year the two chickens had been living in my greenhouse but I finally convinced the husband, Bob and Ben, my daughters husband to build me an actual coop. So armed with a sketch and some recycled building materials here is the result. Didn't they do a great job. I will do some planting as soon as spring arrives - blue morning glories up the porch pillars seems right. As for the chandelier - why not! There are now two Blue Wyandottes and two silkies growing up in the greenhouse so that Dori has friends to share her Coop DeVille with. Everybody is happy. Thank you Ben and Bob....

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