Friday, December 30, 2011


All Christmas in the store is 50% off right now! Get down and load up before we pack it all up! As a reminder, the store will be closed this Monday for inventory...wish us luck!

Spring has Sprung!!!

Well, not really yet... We just got in some sweet primroses, cyclamen, succulents, and hellebores!

A Fresh Start

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it's nice to have a fresh start on decorating. Nothing says a clean slate than earthtones, soft cotton, paperwhites, and aged metallics.

Botanical Prints

Lovely botanical print towels look great in the kitchen, or as a hostess gift! Notebooks, and paper pad books with matching prints as well as a whole assortment of nests and sized eggs to go along!

Pink is In

Ah..a color other than red and green! Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas time and decorating the store for it, but there is something so refreshing to pack up the Christmas and bring in a bright, fun color to cheer up these gray, rainy days! This display is a little combo of "birthday girl" and valentines day, I know we are early on the latter, but what a great holiday! There are cupcake toppers that are numbers, birthday girl cupcake toppers, be mine swags, pink birds, and glittered cupids!

What Christmas means to Sara...

Living in a rented duplex, it's hard to scrape up some character from the bland interior. My husband and I are both very much into the outdoors, and try to bring it indoors with us wherever we can: twigs and branches, moss, greens, and lots of terrariums! I've been collecting vintage glass ornaments for a few years now, and completely filled our Christmas tree this year with them. We make a trip high up into the woods every year just to get greenery to make a wreathe for our front door. Christmas at our house is much different than my mom's house, we just have different styles. Though it does overlap in areas, and the best thing is, is we can appreciate each other's designs, and we have lots of fun out looking for inspiration! Christmas, as far back as I can remember, has been a time about family. Everyone getting together and creating such warm, happy Christmas memories, I still remember a lot of them!

What Christmas means to Mary...

Christmas to me is all about home. I am lucky to live in a 1905 home with my retired husband

and two dogs. I love decorating the front living room mantel and knew when I first looked at buying the home that that mantel was going to cost me alot. This Christmas I was lucky to find an old lithograph entitled "The Hunted" of two beautiful deer being chased by two bad dogs (the deer can outrun and out jump those old hounds so remain calm). It was the theme for my decorating this year. I even made napkin rings from Spencerian flourishing drawings of two deer and two dogs. I love the smell and sight of all the fresh cedar and fir that is so bountiful here in the Pacific Northwest and it makes it's way into every room. Our family has many traditions that we all look forward too. Oyster stew with crust and crab cakes (this year we caught our own crab in Bob's new boat that cost more than anything I will ever hang over that mantel) is our Christmas Eve tradition. My sister puts on a wonderful brunch on Christmas day for all of us. We serve a prime rib to family and friends on Christmas night. So Christmas is family, home, traditions and friends. It doesn't get any better than that....

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Joyful Bells!

When almost everything out there is made in China, it's refreshing to find something made by hand in America! These hand knitted and felted bells are made here in Oregon, most with 100% wool. They look great tied onto wreathes, or on top of packages!

The return of fairy gardens

Fairy gardens are back! We just built two new ones, one with a large azalea "tree" and another with mini Christmas lights! You better come in and nab one, as they are one of a kind! We don't make duplicates!

Great Gifts

Here are some great gifts for those people on your list that already "have everything!" Melting pots that hold the Tyler candle melts that either plug in to your wall socket or sit on a counter. Tyler candle melts come in a huge variety of scents, and make your home smell so good while lasting for weeks! A huge selection of colors and scents to pair with, you're sure to please everyone on your list!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lights for every corner!

We have lights for every nook and cranny in your home! Since it is getting dark so much earlier now a days, it's great to light up your home with soft lights on your mantel, tree, swags, cupboards, and etc. We have sets that are 23 feet long and twinkle on 5 different settings, we have dipped light bulbs on clips that look great in greenery, we have mini dipped bulbs on strings, and a whole assortment of lighted flowers, pussy willows, orchids, glittered branches, and much more!

New Ornaments!

We got in a whole assortment of new glass bird ornaments in an array of colors and sizes! They look great clipped onto a package's bow, or in the wreathe on your front door. We also got in a new color of glass beetle ornament, since we sold out of the others so quick!