Friday, May 25, 2012

Can you imagine a summer without fresh basil?  I can't so I plant lots of basil in the garden or in big pots.  So I am now dreaming of pesto, pasta salad with fresh tomatoes and tons of basil or homemade pizza with veggies and basil.  So come get some basil for your garden and start dreaming too....

A container for everything

We got in a fun new line of metal containers in fun, bright prints. Lots of different sizes and styles, they look sweet planted or with tissue and a gift. Also, some great bars of soaps in different scents and styles.

Pretty up your garden!

More colors of pretty gazing balls are in! The gardening hats have been wildly popular with both the guys and the gals, and for only $19.95 each, they are a garden necessity!

Bring the Green Indoors!

We have a lovely assortment of semi-indoor plants: maidenhair ferns, iron cross begonias, staghorn ferns... Sure makes the indoors a little more peaceful!



Our lovely collection of weathervanes rotated into one of the front windows recently, and not too late too, they've been making it so warm and shiny even though its been dumping rain the past few days!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Next Chick Order and Chicks we have now...

So our next order of chicks and ducks should be here tomorrow afternoon. Here's what's coming:

Ameraucana Pullets
Black Australorp Pullets
Khaki Campbell Ducks
Rouen Ducks
Hatchery Choice Ducks
(ducks are all straight run)

What we have in right now are:
4 week old Cochin Bantams
Production Red Pullets
Black Australorp Pullets
Silver Laced Wyandotte Pullets
Gold Sex Link Pullets
Light Brahma Pullets
Assorted Bantams (no silkies)
Buff Orpington Pullets
Partridge Rock Pullets
Barred Rock Pullets
Ameracauna Pullets

Cornish Cross Meat Chicks should arrive on 6-1, I will update this information if the hatchery changes dates.