Monday, March 1, 2010

Need a hand?

Everyone needs a hand in the garden this time of year. And we have some cool "hands" for you. They are old porcelain glove molds that would be charming nestled in with your herbs or flower beds. Either the neighbors will think you have totally lost your mind or they will smile... Or use them to hold your rings in the privacy of your bedroom. I'm putting mine in the garden.... only $24.00 each. Come get yours. We will tissue it and HAND it to you. Happy spring.


  1. Mary, Love getting to "visit" your shop via your blog, but planning on making a real visit very soon! Everything looks wonderful and sooo tempting. I'll be in touch and hope you can make it on the 13th. Hugs, M.

  2. Oh wow! Do you ship? Maybe to Louisiana?


  3. Came here via Martha at Vintage Trifles blog. I grew up in Cottage Grove and now I have an excuse to come back for a visit. To see your lovely shop. Stop by my blog for a visit sometime.

  4. Hi!!

    Shelly here from your northern neighbors in Washington!! Psssst Martha sent me and I'm now following!

    Too fun! I love your photos. I WANT that big bunny in the front window! And I love your idea about the blackboard paint on a sap bucket! I have one that could use a pick me up and that would do the trick~

    I work at Joyworks in Snohomish and we sell TONS of the lit branches, just the thing for a dreary day in the PNW. We've never ordered the lillies before, they're wonderful.

    Stop by my little blog and say "hi."
    Nice to find you,,,and man, do I need to plan a trip down south!