Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I think BIG

My husband always says that when I go buying I always choose the heaviest thing to buy.  Makes me sound like I walk around flea markets mumbling "Nope - love it but it's not heavy enough".  I don't.  It just happens that the big old hutch is one wide board and heavy.  Or the scale is real cast iron.  You get the picture.  Well this windmill is eight feet in diameter and because of its gorgeous size it is heavy.  But isn't it grand.  It will go up to Monticello Antiques for sale.  Hear there is already a buyer waiting for it.  And yes my husband will have to help me move it on Sunday and I can already hear him "Why do you always have to buy the heaviest thing?".... Mary    P.S. Sara likes Oregon State and her graphic design portfolio review class is her favorite so far.

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