Saturday, June 12, 2010

The new house on the block...

Come see the new birdhouses and bird feeders we just got in! One is even a covered bridge feeder with stonework on the bottom (in above pictures)! They are built with exterior grade ply-board and western red cedar and finished with non-toxic paint. The perfect gift for someone who lives in the covered bridge capitol!

We also got in Plant Nannies - a blown glass globe that you fill with water and insert in the plant. It waters itself as it needs water.

The pink flamingo yard "birds" speak for themselves - the epitome of all-American "kitsch." Always fun....

So with the return of the sun let's all get outside and garden and enjoy. Remember, we have the best locally grown plants. From dark red poppies to Baptista (false indigo) to Stevia (naturally sweet leaves). Enjoy the weekend.


  1. I SO love the Birdhouses! They are all wonderful! If I have them I'd have to enjoy them IN the house (sigh), I inherited my mom's little Tuxedo kitty a few years ago when my mother passed,,and alas, she is quite the Huntress! Too much of an animal lover to "tempt" her!

    The flamingos are a whoot! How fun for a party!

    Hope you enjoyed a sunny day there over the penninsula too! Unreal to finally see the sun! We were actually BUSY,,,those who came in WERE shopping,,,lots of clothes,,,but I'm sure garden centers were hoppin' too!

    Here's to hoping we ARE going to have a summer now!! ( I want to come over to the Penninsula and visit soon! Would love to stop in!)


  2. Love the top one! It would make an awesome miniature gazebo. Oh, and the pink flamingos, too cute - one of my faves.