Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When the cows come home?

I've been doing retail for a long time and you would think by now I would really know what was going to sell. Sometimes I even get surprised by what you all "have to have!" Case in point is the cow prints for $40.00. They literally walked out of here. And it wasn't just our rural customers (they actually have real cows) that wanted them, two customers from Portland stopped in and they had to have cows in their lofts! A woman from Hawaii mailed herself one for her beachfront condo! So the cows are back in - come get yours and let's keep them cows walking....

We also got in a turn of the century work apron in a soft grey stripe with mother of pearl buttons. I can't imagine "working" in it but I sure love the apron. Then Sara made a back door organizer out of an old bakery tray. It has a mail slot, a bill slot, a shopping list and a clipboard. A most unusual piece for $45.00.
We are waiting for the best birdhouses ever to arrive. One is even a white covered bridge with real pebbles along the base. We will post pictures soon. They can be used outside too.


  1. Oh would I love that print of the cows. Dang, can't get down your way. Funny how some pictures just speak to you!

  2. Hey, Mary! My dining room is now full of cows and I love it! Wish there was a way to send you a photo via e-mail, but I find no mention of one on your blog. Anyhow, they need some additions, but for the meantime, they look "Moo-velous!"