Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life's little joys!

Cancer. The word no one wants to hear their doctor say. It seems to me it is what happens after those words that separate the patients into 2 groups. The survivors are the group that Cindee Eichengreen chose for herself . Nothing could get her down and now she is a real survivor. So while she suffered the complications from the chemo and radiation she picked up a needle and beads and began making the beautiful brooches and lapel pins that you see in the first three photos. They sparkle with the joy of life she has created them with. Real little pieces of art. So come down and see them yourself as they will lift your spirits. By the way Cindee is the garden designer for the Village Green here in Cottage Grove. You can walk through the large gardens anytime and see another creation by Cindee. Keep creating Cindee - can't wait to see your next venture. You can visit Cindee at
Soon we will list more of our favorite blog places for you to follow.
Picture number 4 is of a portable chicken barn made locally by Jim Hall and Dan Ediger. It is the perfect thing for all you Urban chicken people. It will be on display this Saturday here at the store so come down and take a look. There is no substitute for fresh eggs!
The last picture is of a copper weather vane and it's a chopper! Father's Day is coming! We also have in herons and large bugling elks. On top of your house or in your garden - a unique statement.

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  1. Thank You, Mary for such a lovely post and for displaying my brooches so prominantly.
    Love your blog and will be back often.