Friday, April 9, 2010

Birds of Light

I told you we LOVE BIRDS. So now we have the cutest wax birds that have LED lights in them
for indoor or outdoor use. They come in white, blue or green. I can see them under a glass cloche on the dining room table for some lovely mood lighting without the worry of a candle. Or put one where you sit outside in the evenings. Charming and only $14.00. It is hard to show the nice light they emit - so come see....
Sara has been painting again and done a single nest canvas for $24.oo. She is talented and does our wonderful displays too. She is working on a swallow sailing through a blue sky but I may have to nab it first.....
A new pillow of nesting birds with linen and pillow ticking fabrics complete the new display. It is only $24.00. Don't you love our reasonable prices! So make your home your nest at Farmhand Feed & Home Co.!

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