Friday, April 29, 2011

Solar Powered Mason Jars

These are so cool! They are mason jar lids that have a solar powered light in the lid, so as soon as it gets dark enough they come on and glow all night until first light! They do not take direct light to charge, in fact, I have one in my house, which has no windows in the main part just a skylight, and it comes on and stays on all night until dawn! They have an internal battery that they charge all day with minimal light and then it powers the light all night. If you get one, make sure to peel the plastic cover off the solar panel and take the plastic off the inside battery...


  1. How much are these? Are they still available?

  2. I found them @ from 6.99 to 13.99

  3. I have them and they don't last very long and you can't change battery.