Thursday, March 10, 2011

Second Chick Order

Our second Chick Order should be here on March 25th, as long as all goes well with shipping! I will update this post if our hatchery tells us something isn't coming or tells us a different date, so check back often...but so far here is what is coming:

25 Jersey Black Giant Pullets
25 Silver Wyandotte Pullets
25 Salmon Faverolle Pullets
25 Iowa Blue Pullets (top image above)
25 Assorted Brahma Pullets
25 Rhode Island Red Pullets
25 Production Red Pullets
25 Silver Gray Dorking Pullets (bottom image above)
25 Buckeye Pullets
25 Ameraucana Pullets
25 Cuckoo Maran Pullets

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